What to Wear

The general photography clothing rule is simple and comfortable. Less is more; keep this in mind when making your clothing selections. Some of the most classic looks are jeans, a solid colored nice top, and bare feet! Here are some suggestions in regards to clothing.

  • Wear colors that compliment your skin tones. Think about what colors look best on you or your children, and use those. Try not to wear colors that will wash you out, or be too dark in images.
  • Wear colors that compliment each other. This is key in family portraits, the colors do not have to perfectly match but being in the same tonal range is nice. You can even use different colors; choosing those that compliment each other.
  • Bring fun and funky accessories if you like them! Hats, boots, leggings for babies, big fun necklaces for girls, scarves, whatever screams “you” – bring it!
  • Be true to your style! Regardless of whether you want trendy, hip, funky, western or traditional, stay true to what best represents who you are. We want to make memories of you, and wearing clothing that shows off who you are is important.
  • Keep it simple and comfortable! We want the attention to be on the subject, we want to capture those amazing eyes, and that beautiful smile. So, keep this in mind while making your selections. Keep it simple, don’t stress, and wear what represents you. Those little moments we share are what will matter most.

Things to avoid:

  • Stripes, busy patterns, or clothing items with logos.
  • Colors that clash.
  • Don’t drown yourself in white. Some white is fine, but too much of it will wash you out.
  • Don’t wear or put your children in really bulky items.
  • Avoid anything scratchy or uncomfortable for your kids.  Uncomfortable kids are unhappy kids!




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