Snapshot monday | columbia md family photographer

New year, finally getting back into the swing of things…

Daniel is a hat kid.  He’s always loved them.  To the point where I’ll try one on him in a store and then I have to buy it because he won’t take it off.  On black friday, we went to the Piedmont Craftsman’s Fair in NC, and got my boys each a hat from The Mouse Works.  These hats are so cute.  If you need at hat for your kids (or yourself!) definitely check them out.  Warm, well made, adorable, and earth friendly!  Daniel loves his.  Wears it every day, and refuses to take it off when we come inside (he says he’s “a little chilly” but he also tries to sleep in it).  Last week, he was eating lunch, with his hat, and it was just a little crooked, and so cute.  I had to snap a pic.

(Ignore the expression.  He’s watching TV.)


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