I’m adding a new feature to my blog.  I’ll still do a science experiment here and there (when I remember a good one), but after 9 months of those, I’m ready for a change.  So, onto my other love – Children’s books!  If you’ve ever been in my house or met my kids, you know we love books.  We have an obscene amount of books in our house.  It’s kind of ridiculous.  Noah especially is a voracious reader.

I’m going to start with our new favorite book – Z is For Moose:

This book is a riot.  The day we got it, we had to read it 6 times.  The 4 year old loved it, the 8 year old loved it.  I loved it.  We were all laughing.  This book starts off typical.  A is for Apple, B is for bear, etc.  Except on D, moose jumps ahead, and as we all know, D is not for moose.  Moose is impatient, and hilarity ensues.  Kids of all ages will love this book, even grown ups.  Check it out!


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